Staples sugar house
Staples sugar house

In 1813 the original Staples wrote back to Ireland about the sweet sap from the maple trees and generations later every spring the whole Staples family become involved in the process of making maple syrup!

After winter when the days become above freezing we take sap from approximately 4000 maple trees to boil down, as it takes about 30 to 40 liters of sap to produce 1 liter of maple syrup. We also make maple butter and maple sugar

Our high quality maple syrup has won the world champion at the Royal winter fair 4 times.

We are located at 439 7A highway between Cavan and Bethany; give us a call at 705-9445501 for more information

Our product is available year round at the Saturday farmers market, Canadian
Canoe Museum, Peterborough Coop, Millbrook Foodland, Local restaurants and of course our farm.

From our family to yours, enjoy how good local Ontario maple syrup can be. Give us a try.